it feels utterly useless when the decade you live in does not have any means of going, after all the squanderings, to reality (and for reality sake) 

that being said, the hands are trembling. 



how unsettled and exposed
standing on shaky ground
roused by fluctuant winds
unshielded in quotidian affairs …

we are furtively salvaging
ancient rituals
lost snowprints
obscured in digital codes
of perpetual warfare

© Zaina Anwar | Sept 2014 |

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hashtag hipster from stash in my dash

ive been itching for years to do conceptual photograhy.

and i always have a love-hate status with the whole digital ecosystem. not that i despise it but i just dont see the need for me to get there. sooner, however, i get the feeling i need to embrace anything that comes my way.

still sceptical about every little detail, but thats naivete for me. 

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